Besides our regular practice days offered throughout the year, we run various events for learning and practicing Lomi Lomi. We hold our regular 6-day (4+2 days) training courses in spring and in autumn for beginners, and we also offer special summer camps and retreats, where both newbies and already practicing Lomi Lomi masseurs are welcome.

We also provide private tutoring for those, primarely for couples, who can’t attend longer courses or retreats but still would like to learn about the art of loving and healing touch.

Our events are suitable for everybody who wishes to learn about how to be present with and give caring attention to an other person, how to use their hands in a loving and healing way. The courses and retreats are also great for self-development and are open to everybody – no pre-qualifications required.

Accredited Lomi Lomi courses

We run a Lomi Lomi training course every spring and autumn. The course gives an IPTI accredited and insurable certificate for practising Lomi Lomi.

DATES: 24th-27th (Sat-Tue) March and 28th-29th (Sat-Sun) April 2018 (6 full days all together).

STRUCTURE: 4+2 days
We will spend 4 days together intensively submerging ourselves in the ancient tradition and practice of Lomi Lomi, then you will be sent off to practice and do case studies for about a month, after which we will have 2 more days together sharing experiences and clarifying things.

PRICE: Early bird price is £475 – available if paid by the 15th February 2018 for the 6 full days. Price from 16th February will be £525.
The price also includes the assessment and the issuing of certificates. For student’s and couples’s discount or installment plans contact us.

NB: Places are limited, so please express your interest as soon as you can. You can secure your place with £100 deposit.