The Inspired Leaders Program


Facilitating the decision making process of stake holders
by integration of body, mind and soul.




The Inspired Leaders Program (ILP) is a leading edge one day leadership development program that blends findings of modern science with ancient wisdom to facilitate stake holders’ decision making processes.

The ILP revives a Hawaiian tradition that they used to provide for the chief of the tribe when he or she had to make an important decision, which had a long term impact on the community’s life.

These 5-6-hour long sessions were carried out by the elders, healers, wise people of the tribe who massaged, treated, pampered the leaders to help them to align with themselves, to have a clear vision and in general to help the person’s mind, body and soul to be in a balanced state to make their best decision.

In its contemporary form the program is a combination of coaching sessions and a series of 4-handed treatments, with fresh juices and a light meal at the end of the day preparing leaders to make large scale decisions or simply for a next step in their self-development.

The program is carried out by Dora and Daniel Roszik-Csendes, professionals who have over 15 years of experience in the field of complementary therapies, personal and organizational development, having worked with organisations like IMB, Kraft, Prezi, British Telecom, KWS or Deloitte in the corporate sector, the Champneys, The Grove or Triyoga in the field of wellbeing and with individuals such as Grammy Awarded Lady Rizo, world famous writer Neil Gaiman, self-realized spiritual teacher Mooji, top business leader Andy Hart or revolutionary economist and author Noreena Hertz.


“The sessions with Dora and Daniel have literally shifted my perspective on how I perceive myself… and as a consequence also situations. And the ‘bonus’… is that this clarity and inner transformation had a long term impact both on my private and corporate life.”

Sam Dye, Global Director of Communication and Engagement, TUI

“Personal and OD experts these days struggle to come up with something ‘new’. Finally a fresh and original program that at the same times does not reinvent the wheel as it relies on the wisdom and practice of ancient times. A deep and real experience.“

Peter Halasz, Head of HR East Europe, KWS SAAT SE


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