Dora Roszik-Csendes

I have been offering a wide range of relaxing and healing therapies since 2000. As for many fellow therapists, it was my own health issues that brought me to the world of alternative and complementary therapies. I gave up my job as a researcher to fully dedicate my focus and energies to helping people on their healing journeys and facilitate their personal development and growth.

Beside my holistic and integral massage sessions, I also offer reflexology, energy healing, and I work with and teach about the Bach flower essences. Yet out of all the therapies I learnt, my greatest passion lies in offering Lomi Lomi. I carry out this wonderful form of sacred body work either on my own or jointly with my husband, Daniel, in a 4-handed version. I also offer 4-handed versions with my colleague Vanessa to help the healing processes of the feminine in women.

I have been doing self-development work for several years now and am fully dedicated to continuously learn and improve my skills, and heal and develop myself in the best ways I can. I am interested in the teachings of non-duality and had the honour of meeting Mooji, Rupert Spira and James Eaton – whose teaching inspire me hugely.

April 12, 2017