Janos Leeb (Jampi)

Educated in unimaginably colorful school of adventurous life, often accompanied by admired creatures of nature, I have been fortunate to learn from the most powerful teachers of the elements. I attempted intense workshops on small – Ocean crossing boats, remote reefs, isolated islands, and lush tropical rainforests; developing great skills of intuition, attention, and connection as a way of survival and getting by. I have gained good abilities and understanding of the physical body through a number of sports, careers, and hobbies such as wrestling, surfing, climbing, scuba diving, sailing and abseiling……

About 10 years ago, some emotional weights and conditions I had carried through most of my journey, directed me home with a gravity-like force to reroute myself. This process opened me up for more and more discoveries within, further fuelling the flame of self-development and deep interest in the healing arts.

April 12, 2017