Reflexology (60 mins) £45

Reflexology is based on the connection between specific areas of the feet, called reflex points, and the rest of the body. By stimulating these points on the feet the corresponding area in the body is stimulated, and so restoration and rejuvenation is facilitated. The reflexologist will massage, rub and press the feet whilst the client lies in a recliner. With reflexology you don’t need to undress, only shoes and socks need to be removed.

Swedish Massage (60 mins) £45

Swedish massage is well known for relieving stress, improving the immune system, detoxifying the body, and keeping your muscles supple. Add to that the benefit of human touch which alone gives a highly therapeutic effect to the treatment. Having regular massages also helps to overcome sleep problems, allowing the client to get more rest and be more vigilant while awake.

Indian Head Massage (45 mins) £40

Indian head massage originally comes from the East and was developed by women who used it to strengthen and improve brain activity, blood circulation in the scalp and the fullness of their hair. By today other parts of the body are also sometimes included in the massage: face, neck, shoulders, upper-back and arms.

Head, Neck and Shoulder (45 mins) £40

This massage is especially for those who sit a lot in front of a computer and use the keyboard and mouse constantly. Often beside the lower back and arms, it is the area of the neck and shoulders that can get cramps and is overused. A head, neck and shoulder massage can help the body to release these tensions.

Reiki (60 mins) £45

Reiki is a technique which uses energy for stress reduction and relaxation. A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects. It is a hands-on treatment carried out in a comfortable recliner, where the client does not need to undress.

Prananadi Healing (60 mins) £45

Prananadi in Sanskrit simply means ‘energy path’. It is an ancient (over 6700-year-old) Tibetan healing method, which was kept secret from the Western world until the 1920’s. The main principal is similar to that of Reiki as in the practitioner is channelling universal life energy to the client to release blockages and harmonise the energy flow on all levels. Prananadi is a very refined method, and can be more specifically tailored to the client’s problems / conditions than other energy healing techniques. The session is carried out lying down in a recliner, fully clothed.

Prananadi Karma Release (180 mins) £120

A special technique within the Prananadi healing system is working with karmic blockages and residues from past lives. Similarly to a past life regression session, the client is taken back to one or more past incarnations in a meditative state, and works – together with the therapist – to release and transmute anything that may have a negative effect on the client’s current life. The session is carried out lying down on a mattress, fully clothed.

Bach Flower Consultation (45 mins)  £40

The system created Dr Edward Bach in the 1930’s is designed to relieve stress caused by emotional imbalance. The flower remedies help release or transform blockages (past or present) by replacing negative emotions and thoughts with positive ones, thereby restoring a state of inner balance and harmony. Healing on the emotional level then has a knock-on effect on other levels allowing the body to find its own natural state of health. The remedies are administered in water and are suitable for all ages and for both people and animals.

Coaching (90 mins – £70, 2-hr – £85)

As a certified organisational development supervisor, having acquired his M.A. at the International Business School, Daniel does individual and team coaching and supervision since 2004. In majority he offers stress management and transformational coaching sessions.

In the recent years he developed a special integrative coaching method – he works with his clients tapping into differnt levels of consciousness (through holistic treatments, bodywork) to evoke their wider and deeper inherent wisdom, and to connect them to resources that were out of reach before.