Lomi Lomi massage is a wonderful healing gift from the islands of Hawaii. Its tradition goes back to ancient times when there were as many different Lomi Lomi practices as there were families.

In our regular and 4-handed Lomi Lomi sessions that were enlisted by Time Out as “one of the best massages in London”, we offer our fullest attention, healing touch and loving presence to the receiver throughout the whole process. We are guided by the body’s voice, and intuitively move in a flow of dance-like movements or stay still when needed.

Former service providers for Champneys and The Grove, you can currently find us in our private practice and at Triyoga (Camden).

Along our journey we had the honor of massaging people like enlightened master Mooji, Grammy Awarded Lady Rizo, rock star and crowdfunding pioneer Amanda Palmer, writer Neil Gaiman, singer-songwriter Susie Ro and yoga teacher authorities like Erika Tourell, Kwali Kumara or James French.




Dora Roszik-Csendes

I have been offering a wide range of relaxing and healing therapies since 2000. As for many fellow therapists, it was my own health issues that brought me to the world of alternative and complementary therapies. I gave up my job as a researcher to fully dedicate my focus and energies to helping people on their healing journeys …

Daniel Roszik-Csendes

I’ve stepped on the path of becoming a healer 17 years ago. Initially it was a hobby or part time job then following my inner compass from being a corporate trainer and coach I was gradually drawn to became a full time complementary therapist.

Vanessa Jacoby

Since having my own spiritual awakening and experiencing healing Kundalini energy, I am dedicated to using this to help others. I find giving Lomi Lomi deeply rewarding and it brings me peace and joy. My intention is to offer love to each and every being to help people to heal themselves and find their true purpose.

Janos Leeb (Jampi)

Educated in unimaginably colorful school of adventurous life, often accompanied by admired creatures of nature, I have been fortunate to learn from the most powerful teachers of the elements. I attempted intense workshops on small – Ocean crossing boats, remote reefs, isolated islands, and lush tropical rainforests;

How about learning Lomi Lomi?

Accredited courses and retreats

Besides our regular practice days offered throughout the year, we run various events for learning and practicing Lomi Lomi. We hold our regular 6-day (4+2 days) training courses in spring and in autumn for beginners, and we also offer special summer camps and retreats, where both newbies and already practicing Lomi Lomi masseurs are welcome.

We also provide private tutoring for those, primarely for couples, who can’t attend longer courses or retreats but still would like to learn about the art of loving and healing touch.

Our events are suitable for everybody who wishes to learn about how to be present with and give caring attention to an other person, how to use their hands in a loving and healing way. The courses and retreats are also great for self-development and are open to everybody – no pre-qualifications required.


We have been offering our Lomi Lomi massage sessions for free on a first come first served basis regularly through HeartsMap, an international non-profit organization.

heartsmap.org is a glocal platform for ‘heart-minded’ people with the intention to globally facilitate the expansion of post-conventional local communities that are based on personal connection and integral human values.

The mission of HeartsMap is to make unconditional giving and receiving a natural habit.

HeartsMap’s vision is a world where loving presence and the sharing of our values are the foundations of our existence and connections; where we are aware of the abundance within and around us on an individual, social and global level.

You can join the community and take up various offers from us or from other people by registering with your name and email address and if you wish so, you can also become an offering member at www.heartsmap.org.

The site is currently down due to technical issues – if you are or know someone who is happy to offer some IT help on a pro bono basis (mainly a few hours of coding) then please let us know.


Please book in advance to get the best service from us. We wish you a great day.

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