“During the festive period we are bombarded by a series of suggestions disguised as products and services supposedly helping us to better connect to and with our beloved ones. There is one “thing” that is apparently not on sale: the space for the connection to happen…”

We all want to feel connected, and as it is induced by every poster and advertismemt around us, we especially want this around periods like Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

We are inundated by various offers, gifts, cards, information about how to get connected but do we really feel more connected around these periods of the year?

Often we are more stressed at the end of the day than normally… and the hoped connecting does not happen exactly because of all the „stuff” that is in the way. On top of all that we of course also have our inner „stuff” in the way too: our fears, our expectations and in general the stress that something is supposed to happen now.

How can we set aside our external and internal stuff so we could genuinely connect with those that we love?

In other words: how do we create space for connection?

Well the answer is… Sorry – there is no quick fix for this one!

Actually… there isn’t a slow one either – who could „create” space anyway? 😉

Yet, maybe exactly because of the impossibility of our question, we can come to the realisation that there are „things” in our life that we simply can’t „do”, because they are not that much about doing, more about being.

There is hope though…

Have you ever felt that you have a conversation with someone and it is just suffocating? That you have to be ready to speak because if your are not quick enough to come up with your bit while the other person finally takes a breath and stops talking then he would just continue and continue and continue… like an endless word tsunami?

Or have you ever felt that you are with someone and you both can talk on your turn or if you feel so then just be quite for a while, and there is no rush, and there is this mutual recognition of the valuable time and space you share, and there might be content in the form or words or doing something but it is equally all right to just be together?

… of course you know what I am talking about.

We all have this inner compass that tells us where and how and with who and from what we feel that there is „space” and we can breathe.

Sometimes the recognition only comes afterwards, sometimes we become aware of it as it’s happening and as we get wiser sometimes we already know it in advance from what, with who or where exactly will we feel assisted to stay or to come back to our centre.

So as a first step: maybe let’s just recognise and start to listen more to this inner compass so our life could show up with the guidence and assistance we need in uplifting and surprising ways.