So what is Lomi Lomi? In Hawaiian language ‘lomi’ simply means ‘massage’ – and that points out quite well one aspect of Lomi Lomi: it is something simple, ordinary and natural.

Human beings sharing unconditional love with other human beings through the vehicle called ’body’. It hasn’t even got a name…it’s just the massage.

A tradition that’s been passed down from one generation to the next, Lomi Lomi is part of people’s everyday life on the Islands of Hawaii, and receiving a Lomi Lomi massage is no more special for them than having a Thai massage in Thailand.

At the same time – and this is the aspect that makes Lomi Lomi special and unique – in the ancient times it was also carried out as an initiation. Then the otherwise everyday practice became something extraordinary. It was called Lomi Lomi Nui ‘the great massage’, indicating that this time the session is about something beyond its usual practice.

Typical occasions for such massages where for example when a couple got together for their marriage, or boys, girls stepped into adulthood, or when the chief of the tribe had to make an important decision regarding the community’s life. These sessions where carried out at sacred places or in temples, and it was the elders, the healers and the leaders of the tribe who provided them. These initiations often took up 5–6 hours or a whole day.

Also, and here are the roots of the 4-handed Lomi Lomi sessions, it was not just one or even two people treating and massaging the receiver but often 4 – 5 people gathered around him or her, preparing the soul for the next phase in their lives or assisting them to align with their true self in order to have a clear vision.

To sum it up: Lomi Lomi is more then just a massage, it is an opportunity to connect to yourself and to embark on an emotional or spiritual journey.

From a practical point of view Lomi Lomi is a fluid, intuitive full body oily massage, using long, stroking moves, applying the forearms and elbows and body weight. Stillness, static and holding positions, and gentle stretches also play an important part of a session.Through moves that reach across, over and also – quite uniquely – under the body, Lomi Lomi creates the sensation of continuously being enveloped and bathed by waves. It is often compared to the omnipresent ocean around the Hawaiian Islands: it can be slow, soft but also powerful and dynamic.

Regarding the variety of its speed and pressure, the spectrum is large. We regularly carry out pregnancy massages, which are gentle and slow, but in the ancient times they also used an intense and powerful version of Lomi Lomi to prepare warriors for battles, which is more appropriate for current days personal trainers and professional sportspeople.

People sometimes ask what makes Lomi Lomi different from a deep tissue massage?

From a practical point of view Lomi Lomi can include most of the techniques that are used in a deep tissue massage, and it also uses a variety of special moves some of which reach under the body.

What makes Lomi Lomi different from other massages (e.g. deep tissue or Swedish) is the historical and spiritual background described above. In a Lomi Lomi session we simply don’t just treat bodies. We treat human beings. That means that beyond the physical reality of the body we embrace and include the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of a client during a session. This might sound simple yet in our experience this change of perspective and systematical approach assists the person – and as a result the whole muscle, joint and fascia structure, in other words the physical body – to surrender in a way that creates a highly favorable atmosphere for healing and transformation to take place.

In view of the above, the overall benefits of a Lomi Lomi treatment can happen on various levels: a deep sense of relaxation and energising of the body, peace of mind, opening of the heart, connectedness to someone’s inner resources, uplifting and sometimes life changing realisations and visions.