Jeff Phenix + Daniel Roszik-Csendes:

sound + movement – a synergic exploration of the chakras

3-hr workshop at 2pm on the 9th December at triyoga Camden



Open to all




“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” Nikola Tesla


In today’s world, it is almost a cliché to say that everything is ‘vibration’, yet it would be difficult for most of us to say we have experienced this statement fully.

This workshop will combine asana and sound to create a physical experience, so you may become aware of how the vibration of various sounds can alter your perception of your body – and by that your experience of the world.

We will do this by focusing on the chakras, exploring a sequence of asanas and unique tones that accompany each one.

The asanas serve to awaken the chakra’s surrounding joints, endocrine glands, and muscles. The tones will be held long enough for participants to feel the powerful vibrational effect they have on the related chakra, and then the asana sequence for that chakra will be repeated. You will be able to feel a difference in the asana sequence from before you chanted to after, hopefully giving you a better understanding of how sound can alter your experience of your body.


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The Spirit of Lomi Lomi – 1-day intro at Triyoga Soho on the 28th July 2018.


Open to all. No previous knowledge of massages is needed. £75

Lomi Lomi massage has been practised on the islands of Hawaii for hundreds and hundreds of years. It is part of an ancient tradition where the body is ’washed’ by waves of healing and loving strokes and where one can connect to the deepest sense of themselves.

The word ’Lomi’ simply means massage covering a very wide range of styles and flavours of this form of sacred bodywork. The linking element is not only in the moves, but more so in the approach with which one practises Lomi Lomi. The focus is on how we can be fully present with another person and how we can unconditionally accept and love the process we are in.The Hawaiian elders described this process as being part of the family. By this they didn’t only mean actual family members, but everything that surronds us, every thought and feeling arising, everything that you can see, hear, smell, breathe, touch and sense – the whole experience of existence. The magic of practising Lomi Lomi is finding how you can adjust yourself in a way that affects eveything else (not just the person on the massage table) in a loving and unassuming way.

In this one-day workshop you will learn:
• about the ancient tradition and history of Lomi Lomi
• how to be fully present with another person
• how to relate to and touch another body with unconditional acceptance
• how to see another person without being taken by our judgments, and how to allow yourself to be seen
• what are the passive and active aspects of ’surrender’
• why Lomi Lomi is called the massage of ’loving hands’

Through a mixture of short talks, interactive exercises and demonstrations you will get to know and optionally to experiment with the basics of this form of sacred bodywork

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