Originally we were trained in regular Lomi Lomi, and were not aware at all of the historical background of its multi-handed version.

What we were aware of though… was that we were in love: for the second time in our life. The first one was when we were 16, and reuniting after 21 years it was that totally silly, addicted phase of our relationship where you don’t want to spend even 20 minutes without your beloved let alone 2 hours or more – the length of a Lomi Lomi session.

As we had to carry out case studies after the course, we simply came up with this great idea that why don’t we do it together? We’ll just simply tell people that we are going to do a 4-handed massage, they don’t know what and how it’s supposed to be exactly anyway… what have we got to loose?

So we stood on the two sides of the massage table and with what we’ve learnt in the regular Lomi Lomi course we started to improvise. And it was pure bliss – for us as well as for our clients. It was just a flow of unconditional love that guided us, and it worked. We stayed like that for 1.5 years. During that time we haven’t provided any regular Lomi Lomi sessions, only 4-handed massages, and it was only when we started to work for the Champneys when they asked us whether we could do this in the regular version as well? We were smiling as we were sure that we could… we just never did.

As we learnt Lomi Lomi through its 4-handed version, for us it is almost more default than the regular version… though we enjoy doing both.  
An other interesting thing happened with time: the sessions became longer and longer. We felt that 2 hours are not enough, that we are just getting warmed up, so we ended up doing 3-4 hour sessions and finally we were drawn to provide one day personal retreats with approximately 5.5-6 hours of 4-handed treatments all in all.

It was during this process of exploration and by consulting our Lomi Lomi teacher that we got to know about the ancient initiations, i.e. about working in a multi-handed version with other human beings for hours or for a whole day.

It was a great realisation that following our hearts we were blessed to discover and revive a tradition that is based on loving presence with the intention of awakening ourselves through the body to experience our true self.