… our massage was enlisted by Time Out as ‘one of the best massages in London’. Joy, proudness, deep gratitude and something that is not easy to put into words.

Throughout the centuries of the tradition, Lomi Lomi has been described in various ways. It was and is often referred to as the ‘Queen of Massages’. So, what makes Lomi Lomi so unique and worthy of such a beautiful and almost audacious name?

The experience during receiving – and also giving – Lomi Lomi is that, paradoxically, two things happen at the same time: on the one hand we feel more than ever alive, comfortable and at home in our bodies. On the other hand, our awareness broadens, and we realise how much our true self is beyond the limitations of the boundaries of the physical body.

How and why does that happen?

From a practical point of view, Lomi Lomi is a full body, oily massage that uses long, stroking moves. The therapists’ hands and forearms move along the body – and sometimes also underneath – in a tradition often compared to the undulations of the ocean. Just as waves do not stop abruptly, so the strokes of Lomi Lomi flow like water around the body, sometimes starting a movement from the ankles, going all the way up to the neck and head, or from the shoulders and then finding a way down to the soles of the feet. From these continuous movements, the therapist is guided to focus on certain areas of the body but is always free to ‘say hello’ and wander to other parts of the body for a while and then come back, creating a beautiful, embracing sensation.

Bathing in this nourishing, holding and nurturing energy, the mind starts to calm down. The slowness of the movements triggers a slowing down within the mind-body system as well. In other words, we either witness less thoughts and inner dialogue, or they just simply start to lose their importance and heaviness.

In harmony with that, gradually the whole muscle structure starts to loosen up and ‘gives itself’ to the massage. This means that the therapist can achieve greater results without having to ‘torture’ the client: as the muscles are softer, easier to work with, the necessary pressure can stay within a zone where the body doesn’t go into shock. The soothing of an achy shoulder or thigh can happen without temporarily causing even more pain.

Maybe this aspect of elegance, beauty and lack of struggle is where the idea of comparing Lomi Lomi to a queen comes from. Sounds like magic? Well… give it a go and try it for yourself.

You can read the article of Time Out here, scroll down a bit, we are No 16 on the list of the 17 chosen best massages in town. <3