Besides our regular practice days offered throughout the year, we run various events for learning and practising Lomi Lomi. We hold our regular 6-day (4+2 days) training courses in spring and in autumn for beginners, and we also offer special summer camps and retreats, where both newbies and already pracising Lomi Lomi masseurs are welcome.

We also provide private tutoring for those, primarely for couples, who can’t attend longer courses or retreats but still would like to learn about the art of loving and healing touch.

Our events are suitable for everybody who wishes to learn about how to be present with and give caring attention to an other person, how to use their hands in a loving and healing way. The courses and retreats are also great for self-development and are open to everybody – no pre-qualifications required.

 Lomi Lomi summer camp

Our summer camp is a 6-day residential retreat, where you can:

  • * learn the foundations of the wonderful Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage and tradition – if you are a beginner OR
  • * deepen your knowledge and experience by practicing new moves and techniques – if you are already a Lomi Lomi practitioner.


During the 6 days, we will explore this ancient tradition and its ways to carry out massage and healing on each other. We will also have lots of fun and form a real community through a variety of activities, like meditation, yoga, dancing, drumming, camp fires, joint cooking, etc.

We take a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 12 people on our summer camps, so please express your interest as soon as possible.

Date TBD.

 Lomi Lomi retreats

The structure of our 1 week or 10-day retreats are similar to our summer camps, giving of course a little bit more space to explore individually or as a group the location of the retreat.

These locations include Marocco, Seychelles Islands and Spain.

We take a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 14 people on our summer camps, so please express your interest as soon as possible.

Date TBD.