Lomi Lomi massage is a wonderful healing gift from the islands of Hawaii. Lomi Lomi in Hawaiian language simply means ‘massage’, covering a variety of healing full body massage techniques practiced throughout the islands.

Its tradition goes back to ancient times when there were as many different Lomi Lomi massage practices as there were families. Lomi Lomi Nui (The Great Massage) was a sacred initiation ritual practiced in temples and sacred places. In addition to its many therapeutic effects, this sacred form of full body massage was designed to bring the receiver to a deeper connection with themselves and an expanded understanding of all that is. It is a journey of discovery and transformation, which brings us back to our true Selves.

In our regular and 4 hands lomi lomi massage sessions, we offer our fullest attention, healing touch and loving presence to the receiver throughout the whole process. We are guided by the body’s voice, and intuitively move in a flow of dance-like movements or stay still when needed. We have found that the 4-handed lomi lomi massage version – performed by one man and one woman – also contributes to balancing the masculine and the feminine energies in the receiver. Each lomi lomi massage experience is unique and unrepeatable. Deep healings, revelations can take place, and transformation can happen on different levels.