4-handed Classic (120 mins) £150

To be able to experience something unique, we recommend that clients treat themselves to at least a 2-hr Lomi Lomi massage first. This full body treatment establishes a deep connection of body, mind and soul and allows the receiver to meet their own deeper aspects in a fully relaxed state. Transformational experiences, spontaneous healings and balancing of energies can take place.

4-handed Abridged (90 mins) £110

Designed for people on the run, we have tailored Lomi Lomi for those who only have a brief time to relax and get off their daily treadmill. This full body work will allow the receiver to take relaxation to a much deeper level than with a regular massage, to get back in touch with their bodies and their souls, and replenish their energy reserves.

4-handed Pregnancy Lomi (60 mins) £90

Carrying out a 4-handed pregnancy Lomi Lomi massage is always an honour. It is one of the most beautiful of the 4-handed massages we can imagine: 4 beings, 4 divinely guided hands… and infinite love. From a very practical point of view a 4-handed massage is ideal for a pregnant woman: during the limited amount of time they can comfortably spend on the massage table, the four hands can give them not just a pampering experience but also a thorough massage of the entire body.

Couples’ Treat (2 parallel one-on-one 120 mins sessions) £150

Besides working with individuals we have also been working with couples for years using different therapeutic tools to enhance their relationship, to improve the quality of their connection and dedication to each other, to help them accept and appreciate their own and each other’s bodies, souls and habits. Offering Lomi Lomi to couples has brought a new aspect to this type of work. Taking part together in such a process has the potential to open new perspectives of being present with each other.
A possible option to make this an even more unique experience is to arrange, by involving two of our other colleagues as well, to have both of the parallel treatments 4-handed.

One Day Retreat (appr. 6 hours) £450

We offer a full-day 4-handed Lomi Lomi massage program to those who would like to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. In ancient times, Lomi Lomi Nui, the sacred version of Lomi was performed for several hours or a full day as a sacred initiation, where two or more givers facilitated the process of transformation. Typical occasions where weddings, when boys or girls stepped into adulthood, or when the chief of the tribe had to make an important decision – they prepared people to a next step in their lives or to connect to themselves and to have a clear vision through these rituals. We perform this sacred work in a modern day context, where we invite the receiver to connect to the deepest aspect of themselves in the moment, and allow release, clearing, healing, expansion, restoration to take place. This form of bodywork restores our wholeness and transmutes anything in the way of connecting to our true essence. During this Lomi Lomi ritual, the receiver will be massaged, nurtured, fed, and healed for an entire day.