Complementary therapy sessions (60min) £55

We are trained, certified and insured for a variety of complementary therapy modalities.

As our calling and major focus is Lomi Lomi, we integrate most of what we have learnt during our journey into those sessions, nevertheless occasionally people look for specific services.

To address that demand, we are also available for Reflexology, Swedish Massage, Indian Head Massage, Reiki, Prananadi Healing, Access Bars, Bach Flower Consultation and Cuddle Therapy.


Coaching Programme (7×90 mins sessions) £540

As a certified organisational development supervisor, having acquired his M.A. at the International Business School, Dan does individual and team coaching and supervision since 2004. In majority he offers one-on-one stress management and transformational coaching sessions.


Integrative Coaching Programme (7×2-hr sessions) £650

In the recent years Dan developed a special integrative coaching method. He works with his clients tapping into different levels of consciousness (through holistic treatments, bodywork) to evoke their deeper inherent wisdom, and to connect them to perspectives and resources that were out of reach before.