Classic (120 mins) £100

To be able to experience something unique, we recommend that clients treat themselves to at least a 2-hr Lomi Lomi massage first. This full body treatment establishes a deep connection of body, mind and soul, and allows the receiver to meet their own deeper aspects in a fully relaxed state. Transformational experiences, spontaneous healings and balancing of energies can take place.

Abridged (90 mins) £80

Designed for people on the run, we have tailored Lomi Lomi for those who only have a brief time to relax and get off their daily treadmill. This full body massage will allow the receiver to take relaxation to a much deeper level than with a regular massage, to get back in touch with their bodies and their souls, and replenish their energy reserves.

Pregnancy Lomi (60 mins) £55

Carrying out a pregnancy Lomi Lomi is always an honour – it is one of the most beautiful massages imaginable. The flowing, stroking, gentle moves of Lomi Lomi are ideal to release any discomfort, tightness or aches that a woman can meet during pregnancy. The massage provides a very safe, loving and caring experience to both mother and baby. If you really want to treat yourself to something extraordinary during this precious time of your life, check out our offer for a 4-handed pregnancy Lomi.